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APPLICATION ENABLEMENT; CLOUD CONNECTORS; DEVICE MIDDLEWARE; PEACE OF MIND snapthings is an IoT Middleware and Application Enablement Platform for connecting any device to any cloud system. Create end-to-end IoT applications for use across all devices, platforms, and cloud systems with simple drag and drop tools.

الخيارات الثنائية لنا وسطاء

CONNECT snapthings enables interoperability between devices / sensors, mobiles, and cloud systems regardless of make, model, manufacturer, or industry.


correlate snapthings allows developers and non-developers alike to create complete end-to-end IoT Solutions and Applications with our debate prescription strength pepcid visual drag and drop interface.


ثنائية الفيديو تداول الخيارات Quickly build, customize, and deploy live dashboards to visualize the device data and status on desktops and mobile devices.

ANALYZE حساب المارجن Our plug-in Analytic Engine makes sense of your data within minutes. Analyze, explore, and derive business insights quickly.


كيف تجعل أموالك تعمل من أجلك Connect & manage millions of devices easily. The flexibility of snapthings enables you to quickly build your own interactive dashboards that use IoT Suite data.

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