Weather Station

Project Description Monitor, record and visualize weather data. Utilize our hardware examples to monitor and advertise data from any number of sensors. Afterward, use our snapthings templates to create a gateway to publish data to the cloud and to visualize your data through an HTML5 dashboard and an Android or iOS Mobile app.ا٠اس٠٠-ا٠سع٠د٠ة-تدا٠٠-٠باشر


  • HTML 5 Dashboard
  • IOS/Android App
  • Android Gateway
  • Weather Station Device ياللا فوركس For this project, we have chosen the Arrow Dragon Board 410C as the gateway device. The weather station reports its sensors’ data using Bluetooth low energy. The android gateway will take that data by reading the advertised data and using the Connio Cloud connector, save the data to the cloud.


see url For this project, we have created an Android and iOS app to display the weather station data. All data will be pulled from Connio using the Connio snapthings cloud connectors and displayed on the app.