• Enables Enterprises to rapidly connect, create and deploy enterprise-ready IoT applications, solutions, and experiences.
  • Connecting business processes and systems to share common IoT information across enterprise systems.
  • Enables seamless integrations with multiple cloud platforms, significantly faster development / deployment speed using pre-built integration objects with major cloud systems.
  • Open architecture / interface allowing companies to evolve with new smart devices, gateways, clouds and enterprise systems.

We have the following professional services available to Enterprise:

  1. Embedded Software development for your Smart Devices and IoT Gateways.
  2. Mobile Smart phones and tablet software development for Android, iOS, Windows, HTML5.
  3. Scalable Cloud / Backend based IoT application development.
  4. Complete end-to-end device, mobile, cloud and application / interoperability testing services.

We offer a complete suite of services to support your IoT needs.

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