IoT Middleware Component

try this out The IoT Middleware component abstracts the chipset, device, mobile platforms, and cloud systems to upper IoT components as a run time layer. It also:

  • Makes simple APIs accessible to various IoT applications.
  • Enables IoT applications to be created independent from and platform details.
  • Allows building device, Cloud and OS agnostic IoT applications and solutions.
  • Abstracts common IoT related system functions like GPIO, Serial, Bluetooth, Network, Camera, GPS, Motion Sensor etc.
  • Creates end-to-end IoT applications once that can then be deployed many times across a wide range of connected devices and cloud systems

snapthings’ platform is integrated with the leading IoT cloud platforms, allowing customers to develop and deploy IoT solutions across cloud systems.

official statement The cloud and device connectors represent a set of cloud and client components that can be used on devices or gateways to simplify the connectivity to any cloud system.

The middleware component simplifies common connectivity tasks by abstracting details of the underlying protocols and message processing patterns. The libraries can be used directly in an application running on the device that establishes connectivity with the cloud gateway and facilitates the communication between the device and the IoT solution backend.

snapthings provides support for AMQP, MQTT, HTTP, WebSocket, CoAP, OPC and IoTivity.

Check This Out snapthings platform allows you create end-to-end IoT applications that handle and manage the information provided by any smart sensor, smart phones, or IoT cloud, on any communication protocol or any operating system/device.

The snapthings middleware is a one-stop-shop to obtain and add all components needed for your business IoT app. This includes:

  • platform SDK
  • IoT Device Connectors
  • IoT Cloud Connectors
  • software components for cloud servers
  • IoT Gateways
  • IoT devices
  • Smartphones.

snapthings makes it easy to develop powerful IoT solutions that deliver transformative business value and that are specifically designed for innovators looking to quickly deliver to market. Once the IoT application is created using snapthings, a native source code is generated for the target platform in HTML5, JavaScript, Android, and iOS.